Discover the Arabic tradition of relaxation through bathing.



Thermal Baths

In an exclusive area of ​​Las Casas de la Judería you will find "Las Termas de Híspalis", a Spa managed by a company specialized in aesthetic and health treatments. Decorated in marble tiles depicting gods and marine animals from Roman times.

Everything, even the last tile is set to achieve an effect: to transport you to Ancient Rome. Inspired and designed as the old Roman baths, the new Híspalis Spa offers everything the lover of aesthetic and health treatments can wish: different types of thermal circuits, therapeutic massages, anti-cellulitis, facials, etc.



The Híspalis Thermal Baths have the following services:

  • Hydromassage pool
  • Jacuzzi
  • Frigidarium
  • Turkish bath
  • Roman thermal
  • Scottish shower
  • Essence shower
  • Mist shower
  • Thermal bank
  • Flotarium
  • Etc.

We offer you the possibility of combining your circuits with an extensive menu of relaxing massages, exotic, therapeutic massages, body wraps, etc.


Individual circuit in semi-private regime and guided of approximate duration of 90' composed of nebulized shower; hydromassage pool; frigidarium; Roman therm; Scottish shower; Turkish bath; bithermic shower; jacuzzi and symposium, with invitation tea or fruit juice.

Not valid for groups of more than 4 people.

Hispalis Experience a Uno (exclusive for 1 person)

Híspalis Xpress 60' Thermal Circuit with a la carte Body Treatment (approx 120')
Hydromassage Swimming Pool with Hot Candles Massage (*) 30' (approx 50') € 55

(*)Stimulating and delicate posterior and frontal corporal massage. Realized with a candle of hot oil and perfumed with essential oils of aromatherapy.

20' Jacuzzi with 30' (approx 50') Quiromassage (*) - 55€.

(*)Massage developed manually, applying pressure on an area of pain of the patient in order to alleviate the ailment.

Turkish Bath with Body Cleaning/div>

Hispalis Experience a Dos (exclusive for 2 people)

Thermal Circuit Híspalis 90' with Relax Massage 15' (*) (approx 105')

(*)Relaxing localised body massage, worked with almond oil.

Thermal Circuit Híspalis 90' with Relaxing Massage 30' (*)(approx 120')

(*)Relaxing posterior body massage, worked with almond oil.

Híspalis 90' Thermal Circuit with 50' Aromatherapy Massage (approx 140')

(*)Massage by means of relaxing massage based on essential aromas extracted from aromatic plants.

Thermal Circuit Híspalis 90' with Quiromassage (*) of 30' (approx 120')

(*)Massage developed manually, applying pressure on an area of pain of the patient in order to alleviate the ailment.

Relax Massage 15', Flotarium 15' and Thermal Circuit Híspalis Xpress 60' accompanied by a glass of Cava or Lambrusco.

(approx)prox: 90 '

Thermal Circuit Híspalis Xpress 60' with Flotarium 20' (approx 80')
Híspalis Xpress 60' Thermal Circuit with a la carte Body Treatment (approx 120')
Ritual Alfa 50' (*) with Híspalis Experience Thermal Circuit* accompanied by a Bottle of Cava or Lambrusco and Chocolates Approx: 140'.

(*) Ritual alpha 50 is a massage technique associated with the olfactory sequence alpha. Aware of the differences in our physical and mental structure, we have given this treatment a different touch for men and women.

(*)Circuit in Private regime for two people with an approximate duration of 90'.


    • Thermal Circle Híspalis: 30,00 €
    • Thermal Circle Híspalis Xpress : 25,00 €
    • Thermal Circle Híspalis Experience : 150,00 €
    • Session 15' : 20,00 €
    • Session 20' : 25,00 €
    • Session 30' : 35,00 €
  • Hispalis Experience a Uno
    (only for 1 person)
    • TEMPUS : 45,00 €
    • MARENOSTRUM : 65,00 €
    • HERMES : 80,00 €
    • .
    • DIANA : 95,00 €
    • VESTA : 55,00 €
    • TRITON : 55,00 €
    • VENUS : 45,50 €
    (Exclusive for two people)
    • ITALY: 90,00 € per couple.
    • WORKER: 120,00 € per couple
    • ARA PACIS: 160,00 € per couple
    • MINERVA: 135,00 € per couple
    • BACO: 120,00 € per couple
    • NEPTUNO: 90,00 € per couple
      (Not Available Temporarily)
    • JUNE: 190,00 € per couple
    • EROS: 245,00 € per couple


  • Time: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 - 22:00h.
  • The maximum number of places that can be applied for is 4, if you want to apply for 5 or more people you must put in contact with us


  • Swimsuits are obligatory.
  • Slippers, as well as, towels, hygiene items and hair dryers are included in our service.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • It is recommended to be 15 minutes early in order to organize the booking arrangements.
  • The use of the bathrooms is intended only for people over 18 years old.
  • Please inform the front desk, and the therapist of any health considerations or injuries we should consider.
  • Use of the facilities is not recommended for pregnant women and /or people with cardiovascular disease.
  • The use of mobile devices and cameras within the facility is prohibited.


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